Grimdark Art Stuffs!



Hey there, Shield Wall! I wrapped my ICRPG Grimdark campaign a bit ago, but that dark and horrific bug still bites at me. So now I’m focusing that energy into creating some fantasy assets for custom battle maps. Here’s a little progress a month and a half in to the endeavor. I’ve got a host of ideas I’m developing, but I’m always looking for more, so if you’ve got any cool grimdark ideas, hit me up! :smiley:


Looking great man! Perfect timing for a creepy Halloween adventure!


Those are super fun!


great maps there
A ICRPG Grimdark campaign sounds fun


They look darn good, my man! Would you be interested in doing snow, forest maps for me, next? Would love to have some game set in Fantasy Canada for horror!


Ooo, a snowy forest pack! That sounds like a good one that isn’t done often. Let me wrap my brain around it and start up some sketches. Anything you might be looking for specifically? I make all these as individual assets for drag and drop, so these aren’t individual maps as much as they are reused flexible assets.


I love it! I’ll send you the link to the map I made in Wonderdraft for a general idea, but I’m looking for battlefields revolving around some landmarks, ya know? So it’s not just: here’s some trees! Landmarks could be a mix of cool, mysterious stuff to just a big rock in the midde of the zone! I’m expecting some twisted, suffering faces on those trees! Mwuahaha! :smiling_imp: