We have been discussing grenades at the table. Mainly what happens if you miss with your D20 attempt. Our thinking is you may miss but it’s still gonna go off! I was thinking along these lines.
Hit = Grenade lands exactly where you wanted.
Miss = Grenade scatters NEAR (D12) from the point you intended.
Nat 1 Miss = You fumble the Grenade and it goes off from your location :hushed: GRENADE!!!

Would love to see how others “handle grenades”



This is almost exactly the way I handle them right now. I’ve been using the d12 clock orientation for lots of things lately. And I just go with the distance they were trying for. So if they were throwing it NEAR, it still travels NEAR, just in random direction.


“So if they were throwing it NEAR, it still travels NEAR, just in random direction.” I think I like your version better :+1:


I’m with Kindred. Roll Dex to throw the grenade exactly where you want. On a success, big boom just where you intended. On a failure, the grenade does not go where you intended. Sometimes it falls short, or sometimes it lands in a random location. On a critical failure, you drop it.


Definitely! That’s exactly how I’m gonna play it :+1:


Interesting. In my Altered state game I don’t have the players make a check to throw a grenade; the bad guys just have to make a save against the room target.

If I was playing on a battle map I might get a Warhammer scatter die for fumbles!


I kinda like that idea too! Maybe I can mix the two somehow :thinking: the problem I was thinking with the “D12 clock scatter method” is that would you ever really accidentally throw a grenade behind yourself?


My best friend served in Afghanistan with the Canadian army. He says it can absolutely happen and that it is much harder to throw a grenade than people think (that’s why grenade launchers exist).

So yeah, don’t let your players say it could never happen! They still get to save against it. For example:


Yeh I fully get that, I’d say that’s what the Nat 1s are but I can’t see a grenade going a full throw NEAR in the opposite direction?


Fair. You could use a d6 instead if they roll a miss. With 1 being directly to your left, and 6 being directly to your right (the rest being degrees in between in a forward arc). Nat 1 is basically dropped in your vicinity.

Grant also says his friend “whipped a grenade into a house while room clearing, it hit something in the dark and bounced back out. IRL DEX saves from the lads stacked out front. Did nothing wrong, failed luck roll.”

Everyone was ok luckily but weird stuff happens! So basically it depends; throwing in an open area? Yeah you won’t throw it backwards. Throwing in an enclosed space? Could totally happen. Comes down to rulings, not rules (and also how simulationist you want your game to be).


Yeah a D6 sounds a good idea, then a Nat 1 could be a drop or even a bounce back like you said


I think that would be a lot of fun, with just enough granularity.


This is another possibility more like my initial idea


Old DMG used a d8, but really like the near miss goes near distance.

1 2 3
4 X 5
6 7 8


How does it work exactly?


Just like the 1d6 except there’s more directions. Roll 1d12 and use clock times, so 12 is straight ahead, 3 is straight right, or 6 would be backward and slightly left. With a grid, 1d6 is much easily but I rarely use a grid anymore so 1d12 gives more outcomes and I like that lol


I understand that! Thanks! :+1:


I usually just use a d8 and align those to the compass: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW, going around clockwise beginning with north. That makes more sense for my brain.

8 1 2
7 x 3
6 5 4


Oh for sure!

I’ve just been on a kick of the d12 because I was playing Vigilante City and used the d12 to randomly pick times of day or give players an hour countdown to complete a mission. I like having only 2-3 dice i need to roll for everything during a session so i just started using the d12 for that as well LOL.


The d8 is good if using grid squares, ie the back side of wrapping paper, but it feels good to roll a d12.

If playing no grid I would go d12 just because I rarely get to roll it. That’s all for the brain food.