Greatsword Master Character Type



I know it, you know it, we all know it that the greatsword has gotta be one of the best if not the best (i promise I’m not biased) weapon in any game. So why not have a Type dedicated to bringing out the full potential of a great sword and its wielder. Powerful attacks, advanced techniques, and dedicated gear all wrapped up in this neat little type. i hope others have fun in showing their true mastery as Warriors and only take the greatsword as I’m sure all game designers intended (sorry for the headache I cause any gm with this). If anybody has any thoughts on it please let me know as always! And if you ever get use this or see it used please come back and let me know how it went! I love hearing the stories.

*Note: this time these photos were taken and edited from a Video game called Monster Hunter! Awesome game, id recommend checking it out just for the sake the many Monster ideas that game can give. This type is not based on the game at all though.

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Dude! Nice work once again, you are kilin it!

One thing that stands out: Veteran’s Focus. This may be cumbersome if not OP because it seems that you could make multiple EASY counter attacks per round. I know it may not happen all the time but against large groups this could be a lot to deal with. Maybe something like:

Ready Your Blade: Forfeit your turn to make one EASY counter attack this round.

Just a thought.


“berserk” strength…nice touch, I dig it.


Looks great as always


You’re not wrong with veterans focus. A player of mine mentioned similar thoughts. I’ll be giving it some more thought for sure.


whistles Totally not a reference to anything haha :wink:


Made an edit. changed the original Veterans Focus: Give up your entire Turn to make EASY counter attacks until your next Turn


At the Ready: Forfeit your Turn to make one EASY counter this round. Milestones obtained by the Player can be used as counters.

With this change it now opens up a range of counter options for the player. blitzing to get extra movement, ultra-grade to do two attacks instead of 1 on a counter, or even making Presence of the sword a counter which doesnt have to be rolled at hard now. the strategy is more opened up now I think with this.


Whenever anyone uses the term “greatsword”, I have to wonder exactly what it is they mean by that term. Historically speaking, weapons such as the Zweihänder had very limited use in actual combat. Now, I don’t necessarily mean to say that RPGs should not go beyond the bounds of normal physics, but I think a certain amount of realism in fantasy is a good thing.

I find myself pausing at the idea that anyone could conceivably single-handedly wield a “greatsword”, much less dual-wield two of them, unless they were of a size class and strength class greater than human, say a troll or an ogre standing 8 feet tall plus.

In actual practice, the medieval longsword and Chinese shuang shou jian are much more realistic two-handed weapons, and they are really not designed to be used single-handedly. The two-handed sword also suffers in the fantasy RPG genre from the characterization of it originally made in D&D, as a slow, heavy weapon, which might be true of the Zweihänder, but is certainly not true of the longsword or shuang shou jian.


That’s a fair point. Its a topic I’ve seen addressed many times in many different communities. Personally It doesn’t bother or effect me to see a Human being single-handling using a greatsword especially in a world where trolls and dragons can exist in the first place and a human being has any chance or level of strength to fight them with physical force. I’m sure in real life Ill never see a zweihander pull of a god slaying slash, but I’m glad it can be found in this game where the rules can be whatever we want and what’s impossible can be made possible. I’ll never not love the image of a gnome wielding a hammer that’s 3x his size and thats not something you’ll ever quite see in a world focused to much on the real. Thats just the way i run and enjoy my games though. The perspective of not forgetting the realism is an important to have and is something I bring up here and there too but its just one of many important thoughts. Whatever floats our boats right?



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