Great deal on AI Dice at MM


I like Using “Trash Dice” for Enemy AI so I perked up when I noticed MIniatures Market
has kept this set of dice at $3.50 in their warehouse Clearance sale right now. They make a really good drop-in AI with icons almost tailor made for it. Here’s just a quick off the cuff use for them. (These icons and dice could also come in handy if you try to Prep Mechanics, Not Specifics for a Dungeon Crawl.)


As an example: For a Dungeon Crawl, Maybe every time the Timer hits, roll the Blue one. Every time someone searches successfully, Roll the Yellow one.

BLUE Dungeon Peril Die
Fist(2): First—Single Goblin Scout; Second on—Scavenged Corpses of Unlucky Adventurers
Sword(1): First—d4 1H Ambushing Rogues; Second: Corroder Beast; Third on—2 Heart Goblin Pack
Eye(1): First—Collapsing Wall Save or D8 damage; Second: Sounds of distant battle…zaps!..screams!; Third on: Odd Tracks (Duergar leading to a previously unknown alternate exit…into the Undermountain)
Shield(1): Each Time: Target +1 due to an Environmental Effect (smoke, fumes, magical darkness)
Block Tentacle(1): First—Eye Beast (withdraws after 2 Hearts damage); Second on—Eye Beast returns to finish job, with help!

YELLOW Successful Search Die
Fist(2): Surface—D3 Supplies or 2d10 Coin/Valuables; Lower Level—Gem or Jewelry d8 x d10 coins in value.
Crit Fist(1): Surface—Shabby Loot; Lower Level—Ancient Loot
Tentacle(1): Surface—Cursed Loot; Lower Level—Epic Loot
Blank(1): Surface—Written Material/Map ; Lower Level—The Big Bad’s Kryptonite

Solo iCRPGers may want to give this kind of mechanic a try as well.


This is a great idea Lon.

Also prepping mechanics rather than specifics can be an interesting way to create random or semi-random adventures or rooms. I’ll try this.

I had a secret project in mind that is related to what you are doing but I can’t start to work on it before mid-fall.