Great Actual Play from Red Dice Diaries


They use TotM too, so it’s my jam!


What a great setup! Thanks for sharing Smittumi!


I was in that game - we had great fun and what better way to die than killed by a Dragon!


It was a really good one shot, great roleplay synergy in the group, you didn’t talk over each other, good spotlighting etc. I’m guessing most/all of you are in the same LARP group.


I only knew John (the GM - gamed with him before and we have a joint podcast). Never met the other players before!


Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for sharing it.
As a result of this game, my Midderlands campaign is now transitioning over to using ICRPG :grin:

Of the player base 3 were from my LARP group, one was an old TT buddy and I’ve gamed online and podcast with Pete :grin::+1: