Goblins in the 1800's




So I have been reading the Sharpe series. All about the Napoleonic wars… Just for fun here are my rank and file goblins who will make an appearance in my campaign tonight.

Red Coat Goblins, (Musketeers)1 Heart group of 12. Muskets Tag: Volley fire, 1d4 effort to all enemies in 1 direction near range. roll 15+ all enemies take d6 effort. Tag Formation easy to hit.
Blue Coat Goblins (Skirmishers) 1 heart groups of 6 . Tag unclean sabers, weapon effort, save vs CON 1hp/turn poison if success or 2hp/turn poison if fail.
Green Coat Goblins (Sharpshooters) 1 Heart group of 2. Rifle . weapon effort +1d4/round bleeding damage. Tag evasive always hard target. Each goblin fires ever 2 rounds.

So the party encountered the rank and file goblins last week.

In game the characters learned very quickly that these were not your everyday goblins and had to get really creative to take on the volley fire of the Red coats. The were terrified of the green coats and hated trying to hit them as the room target was set to 14. The blue coats were less scary but still a force to be reckoned with as each type had attacked at pretty much the same time.

The players on the other hand, when they realized there were muskets firing like British 1800’s troops with rolling fire. There was a real sense of dread even terror as the cave filled with acrid smoke and the showers of stinging pellets…

These goblins will be making many more appearances in the sessions to come.


I like it! “Unclean sabers” is probably my favorite bit. Love to see more!


Great idea, thanks for sharing!


Very well done. My son and I read through the first eight books over the quarantine/Summer Break.

Your post got me to finally create an account so I could comment.