Goblin Tokens Now Available!



Hello Fellow Lumps,

I hereby announce that my first ever VTT token set is now available on Drive Thru RPG! I am really excited to have finally taken the first step in getting my art out there to be used by the community. I know that some of you had followed along and given great feedback in my post about tokens back in March and I wanted to thank you for the support in making this happen!

I am working ahead on new sets and will have another set of skeleton tokens out soon!

Happy gaming!


Very cool, love the character of the faces!


Thanks!, Yeah, I’ve been having fun making the different personalities.


Congrats, Looks Great. Just one suggestion, add a full size preview or a create an overview PDF as the preview so people can see the contents of what they are buying. I have had the experience a lot of people want this. The single sample image you provided is hard to see as well. If it is a sample just put it on the page without a water mark. People who steal will find a way anyways but a potential customer can clearly see what they get. just my 0.02$.


Agreed especially at the asking price.


Thanks for the suggestion, I will work on making a better sample to display the tokens. I was not completely certain what to do as far as showing samples. Obviously I am a bit cautious and concerned about the tokens being able to be stolen right off the display page but I’m sure I can figure something out.


Have a look at Okumart paper miniatures and others on DTRPG, that should give you a good idea.


These have so much personality! I’m glad you’re getting them out there. :smiley:


Love these goblins! Is this a first of many tokens to come?


Very nice! I love the style!


Thanks! Yes, I plan on putting out more sets for sure. I have a set of skeletons that will be out soon.

@Jason_Scranton Thanks! I appreciate that!


After some thought I have decided to drastically reduce the price of my token sets from here on out. This being my first official set I have had a bit of trouble trying to figure out what to charge. I would rather have folks able to afford them and have fun using these tokens instead of passing them up because they are priced too high. Thank you all for the support with helping me get this thing off the ground.

Happy gaming this weekend folks!


That is awesome! My two first dungeons for a low level start to my campaign are goblins and skeletons - score!


Awesome! I’m glad these will be a good fit for your campaign!