Gloomhaven Campaign setting



Hey all, long time no see.

So I’m jumping back in to the wild and wacky world of TTRPGs after a too long, but much needed hiatus. And I’m looking to take on a “big” project.

As you might have guessed from the title, I’m looking to convert the campaign from the Gloomhaven boardgame into an ICRPG setting. I have some basics down with bio-form bonuses and a rough idea of what kinds of things the classes will get as milestone awards.

I don’t have much in the way of questions or anything aside from:

What is y’all’s best advice for converting a setting to keep the same theme and tones without trying to copy the mechanics?


My advice (having made my own convertions of Symbaroum and Final Fantasy) is to STICK TO THE CORE RULES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Tone is just names and tiny changes.
It’s all in the STORY.


Just hit the high notes of themes and names. If you want to look at mechanics, you can try to port some over, but only if it is to help maintain the tone of the setting.


In case anyone was interested in seeing what I’ve got and/or adding comments with their ides, here are the links to the info I’ve been able to put together now and then when I have the time to focus on it.


Essentially what I’m doing, to keep some consistency with the board game, is allow a character to get an additional milestone award from one of their cultural archetypes (classes) at character creation if that’s the direction they are planning on going with their character. Otherwise, it’s just normal char gen.




I’m also thinking I’m going to have characters have a minimum of 1 HEART of “stamina”. Similar to the super heroes. So FEATS and SPELLS are going to be powered through stamina first, health second.


You should take a look at Vigilante City super powers are handled very similar to what you are doing/recommending. I can’t post link here (issue with my account) but look for ICRPG Vigilante City on DriveThruRPG… Game On!


I have it. That’s how I know it’s close. XD Ty though.