Giant Warp Shell maps for your table..? oh yes!



I’m slowly working my way through buying everything Runehammer puts out (as the duckets come in…) currently this means we’re playing Warp Shell, and in the next episode Warp Shell Sparkle is likely to get boarded by pirates after our Yog Crystals. Awesome!

While we’ve been using the index cards so far, this felt like a moment for a little more crafting investment. So with a little help from Rasterbator and the Warp Shell Map kit I was able to get a table full of awesome.

To save others the maths, the Map kit grid comes out at roughly 1 inch square if you print 5 pages of A4 wide. Took a while to trim and tape it all together, but still waaaay cheaper than an A0 print at our local print shop.

Now just the upper deck to go :wink:

Bonus tip: I’ve recently had fun making artwork with Dream to use for invites to sessions for players. These are the last 2 I’ve generated.


Oh, this is epic on so many levels! Hey, welcome to the shield wall!!!