Ghost Mountain combat



Hi, guys! It is I, back with another question!

I was going over the special gunplay rules for Ghost Mountain and I realized that there aren’t any written rules for COVER. How should cover be dealt with?
I wasn’t inking of making it HARD to hit someone if they are shooting from behind cover (but not if they’re just hiding?), and I could also give cover EFFORT hearts to destroy it.

How do you do COVER? What are your thoughts on the special gunplay rules? Thanks!


If you don’t want to use HARD, you could say that half cover -1 to hit and full cover-2 to hit your enemies. Then you could add +1 armor behind half cover and +2 behind full cover for the players.

It would basically be temporary armor for half and a temporary shield for full.


This is good, and what I would also do for destructible cover (like barrels or carts) is:

If the shooter misses the intended target, but hits an EASY target number, they still do damage to the destructible cover. Most cover is going to have 1 :heart: to be simple, but some might be made of tougher material and have some sort of damage reduction of 1 or 2. Once the cover has taken enough damage, it is rendered useless and the defender has to go and find some where else to protect themselves!

I hope this ideal helps!


I like that a lot @SpicyVikingTofu!


Heck yeah, @Homebrew_Heroes! It all relies on the individual’s game! No wrong way to do it as long as it’s fun and fair!

Or another way! Just make the rolls against the player in cover HARD and give the Damage to the cover on a NORMAL check. If they are behind what could be considered Total Cover, find a better vantage point to shoot that bandit!


My main issue with GM shooting is the range. As the main range of pistols is NEAR, why my players and Monsters won’t move near and shoot at point blank, with huge benefits ?


I guess one reason is that it gives enemy shooters the same benefit. It also requires them to come from behind cover. My players haven’t taken that much advantage of that yet. I am curious how my upcoming Boss will play out though, it’s a bear with 3 hearts, but since it’s close quarters he’s still probably going to take a lot of damage. But players shouldn’t want to be close to it because it’s scary.


I really like the idea of effort to destroy cover. If they are fully covered, maybe give a barrier a heart