Ghost Mountain Char Sheet?


Wasn’t there a Character Sheet for Ghost Mountain, kinda stylized for the weird west aesthetic? I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere sometime ago, just can’t find it. If there isn’t, why not?


Adam koebel has a saying for things like this. If the thing doesn’t seem to exist, and nobody can tell you otherwise, then it’s on you to make it.
I think this applies here. Good luck. Lol


I think it’s in either WORLDS or CORE 2nd Ed


Yeah, not gonna happen. Zero experience with layout and honestly, I don’t have the cash for the software needed.


I was looking in WORLDS, it was in CORE. Thanks!


I’m ordering worlds and magic this weekend myself. Excited.
Glad you found what you were after


The one I think you’re thinking of lives on p215 of Core 2e now.