Ghost Mountain and the Canuska


Hey there folks. In looking at Ghost Mountain, I have a pretty good grasp of the Hepewa tribe.
However there is basically no detail on the Canuska. Im trying to get a handle on them. Are they simply a more savage like native people? Or something different?

What little writing on them there is, seems to point to really strong shamanism, and some strong ties to magic and ritual. Im just wanting to wrap my head around their atmosphere. Whats you guy’s take?


I ran into a similar problem. Old Hankerin’ didn’t really flesh out the details of that world beyond the main campaign encounters. It’s a bit on purpose - you as the GM are supposed to figure that out since ICRPG is all about adding DIY bits to it.

My take is from a mix of spaghetti western Native Americans and straight up factual Native Americans. One of the two are more Apache (post civil war) the other Mohawk or Iroquoian (pre-Seven Years War). It becomes more fun when one of your players decides to be the Brave - then you can really play to a trope in the setting or play to reality. Depends on your player(s).