Getting set for a new Journey


I’m getting myself ready to run a new in person OSE game. Since I haven’t had to leave my house in years to play/run a game, I needed to throw together a kit.

Running in Alfheim because it’s my favorite world, and I know the lore. Also, it has everything one could ever ask for as far as backdrops for a campaign.

So here is the (current) kit - waiting on my Mono dice sets to replace what is shown in the photos below, and I’m going to pick up so wet erase battle maps and some minis as I go. For now I have some old macala(sp?) tokens. In the case I also have pens, pencils, sharpies, eraser, index cards, and some graph paper sheets. And of course the Essentials, VDS, and Think Decks.

And the glorious tomes. I have boxed sets coming for OSE and Adv OSE when the kickstarter fulfills but these are still coming along then.



Very nice!! I just imagine when you’re done with these, burying them in a box somewhere, and the look on a kids face when he digs up this glorious treasure!! :joy:


Just finished putting together my hybrid OSE house rules - mostly going to run Classic with a few extra Race/Class options - keeping Race as Class. Added Barbarian, Druid, Illusionist, Gnome, Half-Elf, Goblin(CC#1), Hunter and Minstrel from Dolmenwood, and a custom Torton Class to the traditional 7: Fighter, Thief, Cleric, Magic-User, Dwarf, Elf, and Halfling. Mechanically the Halflings and Gnomes are different, but narratively they are the same race - Small Folk as I’m using Alfheim as my setting. Added a few extra optional rules from Advanced that I like, but I won’t list them all here haha. Plus I cherry picked from the Carcass Crawler zines some things I like. Then, I split the various pdfs and sections up, then merged them again( is amazing for this!) as easy to use reference guide for character creation with all the relevant classes and options listed, with one single google doc page for a few other things.

Then I put in an order for 6 spiral bound copies of this combined doc to hand out to my players on Sunday night. This way, each has one for their relevant class abilities and reference for the rules in play. Spellcasters will have to buy their own book or share my books at the table however, didn’t want to make the spirals 150 pages.

I’ve also decided to start this campaign in Kath: Jungles and Deserts for the win.

Pretty damned stoked for this y’all, in case you couldn’t tell.