Get yo Art on Peeple!



I posted this back in the G+ Days. Zombie T-Rex when I was playing Tomb of Annihilation.


Older stuff from 2018 (some are in my MONSTERS VOL 1 thingy on Dtrpg



@GmGrizzly I never gave your stuff a good solid read when you put it out officially. I revisited civilizations and MAN is it good! Going to point people to it in anything I make as the “go to” for ICRPG towns and cities play. I was using the one page in worlds for “coins” - you took it to another level and it is rad.


@BigGrump, thank you! That means a lot, glad you enjoy it! It was a fun project.


It’s been a little while, I’m better at computer art now. (Switching to the CC Suite instead of SAI really helped in that regard!)

Here’s the first bigger enemy for a Play by Post game I run, Gog. My Players just beat him!

And here’s a nameless sage in a cave! I love wise men.


Feed me Seymour!


Wizards Hat. I want someone to make this for me.


More game time drawing. Trad DND is so slow I get plenty of time to doodle.


Modular fire dungeon I’m working on! :smiley:


Inktober’s entry for Oct.1 Nothing special just experimenting with the new stylus.


Inktober’s entries for 10/2, 10/3, and 10/4.


Been working on an adventure/campaign module for ICRPG I want to publish. Hopefully the first of MANY to come.


More progress for my campaign module, this time I’ve got a dang raptor (will most likely have him surrounded by others in the pack later on). Glad to finally be using my tablet.


I shared this in discord the other night. Here’s a chamber for my Halloween 1-shot, the first of many chambers!