Get yo Art on Peeple!



I posted this back in the G+ Days. Zombie T-Rex when I was playing Tomb of Annihilation.


Older stuff from 2018 (some are in my MONSTERS VOL 1 thingy on Dtrpg



@GmGrizzly I never gave your stuff a good solid read when you put it out officially. I revisited civilizations and MAN is it good! Going to point people to it in anything I make as the “go to” for ICRPG towns and cities play. I was using the one page in worlds for “coins” - you took it to another level and it is rad.


@BigGrump, thank you! That means a lot, glad you enjoy it! It was a fun project.


It’s been a little while, I’m better at computer art now. (Switching to the CC Suite instead of SAI really helped in that regard!)

Here’s the first bigger enemy for a Play by Post game I run, Gog. My Players just beat him!

And here’s a nameless sage in a cave! I love wise men.


Feed me Seymour!


Wizards Hat. I want someone to make this for me.


More game time drawing. Trad DND is so slow I get plenty of time to doodle.


Modular fire dungeon I’m working on! :smiley:


Inktober’s entry for Oct.1 Nothing special just experimenting with the new stylus.


Inktober’s entries for 10/2, 10/3, and 10/4.


Been working on an adventure/campaign module for ICRPG I want to publish. Hopefully the first of MANY to come.


More progress for my campaign module, this time I’ve got a dang raptor (will most likely have him surrounded by others in the pack later on). Glad to finally be using my tablet.


I shared this in discord the other night. Here’s a chamber for my Halloween 1-shot, the first of many chambers!


I felt like i should update mine with some more pictures since all my previous submissions were when i was just using my ipad, and now i have been using my actual drawing tablet for a little bit now.!


Here’s a quick one I did tonight of a scene from our last session. Varin was brave, and he gave his life so the rest could get away.


This is so awesome man, I love it!


A few drawings I did.


Redoing some old adventure art and working on an adventure module for my middle schoolers: the witchwood(WIP) also working on my pen art.


So far, I have playtested the forest cards (pathway, hut, and spider) to great tactical and RP effect. We are about to hit the shores of the WITCHWOOD lake and barrow. Not sure if I should make it another top down tactical map or leave it as a more abstract iso map. Mechanically, they are crossing a toxic swamp under attack by froglodites and opening the door to the barrow. Thoughts?