Get yo Art on Peeple!


It’s somewhat hard to be honest. The interface is totally alien and it has certain workflows specific to its idioms. But once you get used to it, it’s a monster but let me warn you: it will need some time and dedication.

I can recommend some video courses if you are interested.


Cool Stuff. Now all you need is a 3D Printer to get crazy


I might be… have you tried Blender? If so, what are the pros/cons?


I’ll buy one eventually.


Blender is also kinda awkward in its own way. Yet it is very capable, especially if you are into rendering, simulation and other things related to 3D graphics. ZBrush excels at modeling both organic and hard surface and does little else except maybe texture painting (those 3D tiles I posted above were painted in ZBrush).

If you don’t care about high detail sculpting then you don’t really need ZBrush, Blender will do great. Also Blender is free and open source so there is no risk in trying it. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. In contrast, ZBrush is not cheap.

Keep in mind though, no matter which one you choose you have to invest a lot of time.


Thank you! That’s extremely helpful. I’ve been considering expanding my art into the 3D space eventually


:+1: Feel free to ask if you have further questions. I’m happy to help.


Here are some art cards I already shared on G+, and some new ones too :slight_smile:

Way of the Exploding Sword – looking for cool art

very lovecraft… digging it


I really like the style!


First attempt at a monster, didn’t start out with any plan but it turned out to be a slime thing :man_shrugging:


Latest character picture
No name or stats yet


I tried to include maps, characters, and just drawing practice stuff.


Here is a dump. Bit of fantasy, bit of sci-fi. Open for commissions if you ever need work done. Busy this week with a bunch of jobs that came rolling in but in a week or two I should have cleared that plate.


Dat agnar!!
Really cool style


Thanks brother. I appreciate it


Oh I very much want high-res PDFs of these, please!!