Get Yo' Art On Challenge?


@rpgerminator had brought up in the Get yo Art on thread Get yo Art on Peeple! that it would be fun to have everyone do their own version of @Jason_Scranton ‘s awesome looking figure drawing. i decided to get the ball rolling because it sounded like an awesome challenge. I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with, the different styles, approaches, and additions to the piece. I chose to add a devious looking grin to my version. please add your own artworks into the comments of this thread so everyone can get a good look at what this community is capable of! Let’s get this challenge movin’! Strength, Honor, and ART!


This is awesome man, thanks for getting things started! I love your rendition!


Looks so good. Great style!


Just thought about this. Some folks may need the original piece for inspiration. Here is a copy. Again, this fantastic drawing was originally created by @Jason_Scranton.


I see the yellow sign :smile::+1:


yeah, i love my HP lovecraft stories. i also put the elder sign on his book :wink:


Ah yeah, almost missed that one!


Nicely done! Here, since mine is the original and it would be silly to leave you with another I’ll do this instead…

“Now, the power to control the world… is in which finger?”


It depends, if we are talking Thanos, then it’s the middle finger since that is the one you snap your fingers with :wink: