Gerblins, guns and Alfheim basic loot



I’m a little confused by something.

The Gerblins get a +1 gun effort bonus but I don’t see any guns in the Alfheim Basic Loot nor in the first couple of loot tables I looked at.

Could somebody explain that to me?


It would properly fall under a strange or exotic weapon. If your DM is running a campaign where guns are a thing, then just choose a gun as a starting item if that fits your character concept.


Some people (myself included) also rule GUN Effort as ranged weapon effort, so if that Gerblin had a crossbow, they’d get +1 to attacking with that crossbow (or any other ranged weapon for that matter). :slight_smile:


Goblin Guns are on page 8


I have the PDFs and I don’t see them on page 8 of either the Core or Master Edition rules.

And I went to the actual page 8 (they are numbered) and not just the PDF page 8.


I do see guns under the effort results (d8) but then I don’t see any under the basic loot nor the shabby or ancient loots. I haven’t finished looking under magic nor epic but I have probably looked at 60% of that as well.

I know anything can technically be optional but it seems strange to me to have them as a feature for an Alfheim life form but then not include them as an Alfheim basic loot nor any of the loot tables for Alfheim.

I get that the system is like “do whatever you want,” but this one seems strange to me.


@chrisbynum was referencing the Look to Your Left Vol. 2 supplement (posted link), it is on page 8 of that where you will find some guns.


A lot of us have followed the games development over the years so I don’t think it seems as strange to us. The gun wielder came into Master Edition, the last book, so as things were carried over from old books like the loot tables, guns just weren’t added. Most ppl prolly play with more loot options than just the ones provided, therefore they thrown in guns on their own loot tables since those have now been introduced. The link provided above is a similar idea, the guns weren’t provided so they created their own to share with all of us.


I see now. I thought he meant on page 8 of one of the rulebooks.


kane driscol’s gerblins equipment is great,I use in my games.


I do too, and Kane’s list was considered canon RAW for the Alfmarches campaign last year.