Gaurdian Games PDX meetup


Hey! Any Shield Wall members located in Portland, Oregon? It would be cool to have a little meetup at Gaurdian Games! Grab some beers, and play some games. Let’s get something planned!

I’m actually going there tonight around 7pm so if there’s anyone local it would be rad to meet you.


I am in. How will it go down? Shall we overtake them entirely?


Right on!! Yeah, storm the front, no flanks, and drink all the beers. A few rowdy choruses of song, and then fall to playing until closing time.


Then name the day, and let us make a ruin of it


I’ll be there tonight around 7pm, but yeah I’ll set a day and we’ll smash things up a bit.


Cursing my SoCal abode just a bit, haha.


How far down in SoCal? I’m in San Luis.


North county San Diego for me.


A meet and drink, Sounds great. Would be great to meet some new faces and destroy small armies.
I am 80 miles from Portland.
Might have to be after the new year for me to make it.
With my work schedule and the holidays coming up, free time is something I have very little of at this time, plus the gorge has a bad habit of closing when the snow starts.

So the impromptu, same day games are out for me.
Unless they are roll20 online. Anytime for those.

But if we set up a time and place a few weeks in advance there shouldn’t be an issue.


Heck yes! I live in a Portland-adjacent ZIP code and can easily get to GG. Thursdays are generally bad for me, but elsewise I’m flexible. Name the day and hour!


Can someone bring a tablet so I can join in through video?!!?!? :laughing::rofl::cry: