Gamers Unplugged Social Network


Hey y’all, I’m looking for your thoughts & feedback.

I started a social network for gamers unplugged called G33Kr. By started I mean got the platform up and running, though it’s a bit rough - it’s a start.

The premise is a place to socialize about all things games (board, card, TTRPG, wargames -etc), and the core is being able to create groups and events.

  1. What do you think of the concept?
  2. What would you look for in such a platform?

P.S. I am in no way try to steal or take away from this forum, if anything, I hope it would be a platform to educate the masses on ICRPG, and all the greatness that is RUNEHAMMER!!


I’d be interested… but if the product doesn’t catch on nobody will be using it.
The other problem is that a lot of products aren’t made for my country and all that. So, I end up being the only one using it. XD


What country are you from?


Sounds like a fun project! I have a few questions.

  1. How is this different from other networks out there? Discord, this forum, Twitch, Facebook, etc?
  2. What do you mean by unplugged?
  3. What do you mean by events?


Devils in the details with this.

Also tipping point is a huge issue with these types of things. You literally have to dominate the scene in a concerted location, then replicate that into other geographic locations…

Or disrupt the social media market somehow with a different method of propagation.

Currently the methods being 1 as outlined above, 2 being massive PR campaign.

So, a real table group finder will have no appeal until 25% of the people within an hour of me with an open space are also using it. Or every local gaming event is also using it. If it is not my first thought when looking for a gaming experience…it will not make the tipping point of a social media destination.

  1. How is this different from other networks out there? Discord, this forum, Twitch, Facebook, etc?
  2. What do you mean by unplugged?
  3. What do you mean by events?

1.The forum is specific around all things Runehammer - I’d say closer to Facebook, but everyone is a gamer (not video games). Not sure about discord or twitch crowds.
2. Unplugged - not video games. So boardgames, card games, tablet top RPG, wargames and the like.
3. I think a core aspect is to get gamers together, find a group, and play some games by creating events.

Thanks for asking these questions!


Thank you so much for this insight! This helps my marketing strategy so much. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I think I’ll start around here and see what I can do.


The Bay Area is fairy large (people wise) and gamer wise. You might be able to get cheap PR if you scratch the right itch, for people there.

Some weird feature to rate players/GMs might be useful, but limited by the concept of being judged and being such. I’d look into something like Airb&b for gamers with a channel and community section going on.

Anyway just my rambling.

Might be better to be highly moderated. With cute alternatives for foul language. But that can kill the social aspect for some. Lots to weigh!!!

Good luck, if you make it past the tipping point in the Phoenix area, I’ll totally be a client.

If your system was also the organizing App for a local gaming event or two…you would have a bunch of customers with similar wants and interests in a very rapid time.


Indeed it is a lot. Best I can do is put it out there, and get some feedback.

Thanks again for the thoughts!


CAD, my nationality is Quebecer, though.


CAD??? Can-ea-da?
Honestly, no real guess as to CAD, only assuming. Québécois, or Quebec National are terms I know, Quebecer is new to me.


Québécois, yes!
I tried saying it in English. Guess I failed! XD