Game world for my tabletop rpg groups



hope I linked this properly haha.

Just wanted to post something I made with the help of Runehammer’s youtube vids. If some of the map looks familiar, it’s because I was making it along with his “Mapping in Color” video, which is one of my personal top Runehammer videos alongside “Craft Game: Hell World”. These two vids were really what pushed my to finally start crafting myself, and now start working with software and doing art. Just wanted to express my thanks for this stuff and this group. It’s cool to see a community collectively embrace this kind of creativity together.
I run 3 different game groups currently. Almost all the players in my groups are totally new rpg players, which is awesome because these ICRPG rules are perfect for people interested in the hobby but not ready to commit to something so huge and demanding. All of my groups have started as one-offs and continued on as full groups cuz everyone there was like “wait this is what it’s like? let’s play again.”
this post is kinda all over the place since it’s my first post here, but yeah, big thanks to Runehammer and this community.

also, i was super inspired by runehammer’s numenera mechanic review and i’m working on a cheeky ICRPG hack right now that has stat pools.


The link works, and welcome to the community! I’ve also felt inspired by Hankerin and all the creativity of Runehammeria. Glad you found us :slight_smile: