Galrheim: The Pale Archives


Game: The Brutal North of Galrheim (ICRPG ME using Custom Types that I will provide)
When: Friday, December 30. 7:30 AM EST (GMT-5). Hard Stop at 10 AM EST, so 2 Hours and a Tribunal if we end early.
Where: Discord and ICVTT
Size: 3 to 5 players in a One Shot

We’ll be playing through a delve into the Pale Archives, the sprawling catacomb system under Galrheim.

Pre-Gens can be provided if desired.


I am interested in playing.


I’ll send you a Discord Link, then


I would love to play as well, if you would have me, good sir! :grin:


This was a lot of fun. The theme was cool, and it was the perfect length and speed.


Thank you! I’m still learning, but I hope to be able to better keep the pacing stable.