[g]RAVEYARD: Halloween 2019


Ahoy, Shield Wall! I like to do some whimsical 1-shots for the holidays when they roll around, and this year is no exception.

The premise of this year’s game is a junior high school Halloween dance. It’s awkward for all the kids and lame with Principal Haageman as the DJ. One kid found a curious book in the library a few days ago and uses it to summon a spirit of some kind. The kid asks for sweet dance moves to impress a girl he’s crushing on, the spirit asks for his freedom in return, and the deed is done!

Now that the malicious spirit of dance is free, it immediately begins to transform the school into a castle of undeath and SICK BEATS! While most of the staff and kids in the school are captured, the Spirit of Halloween (Jack Lantern, a returning favorite from last Halloween and Critmas) empowers the costumes of a handful of children to save their school, and their dance!

  • It’s a rhythm and music centric dungeon crawl with tons of combat, fun little traps, and stupid puzzles

  • Players will have 3 mini boss fights, with one final 2-phase boss fight

  • Players will be collecting songs to play that will augment combat encounters by saving kids around the school grounds. (Real songs on a Spotify playlist with bonuses that will last as long as the song plays!)

  • Each costume has 4 abilities to give players lots of ranges and effects to choose from (still working to crank this part out!)

  • Blue Ghosts carry boom boxes that that adjust the Rhythm (TN)! Kill them to lower the Rhythm and even the odds!

Here are the maps, monsters, and some mechanics in place to make this a dynamic game night!

Before you can pass through the door to at the top, it seems 2 crystals need to be destroyed… how very “dungeon” of them.

One of the crystals! Destroy the crystal while monsters are spawned on a timer.

Beware the BASS! On a timer, a random set of speakers will blow players a short distance in one of the cardinal directions. Maybe into some spikes!

Flip walls and grabby hands will split the party, while zombies crawl from the crypts in the side rooms.

Fireballs will be belched from the furnace in searing AoE attacks!

Kids are in the cages atop the library tower!

The mini boss can teleport around the room to any of his synths… Destroy the synths so he can’t get away!

It’s a DJ battle between Jack Lantern and the malicious spirit (still need an awesome name for him…). Protect your DJ while you attack theirs!

Where have they been transported to, and what tricks and treats are in store here?

You made it to the end? Thanks for reading and showing an interest. :slight_smile: You get a Hero Coin!

Sky Gardens Dungeon Pack!

This is super cool man, I love the theme and the artwork for this!


Looks like a ton of fun!


Gods damn, dude! This is badass! Solid gold, man. :heart::sunglasses:


Holy shit woooooow!!!



Could share more the stats + mechanics out of curiosity?


I’d be more curious about how you’d do it. :slight_smile:

My stats are simple, but everything plays according to goals. Skeleton can absorb physical damage and will rush to melee. Mages resist magic effort, and want to run away to cast a spell. Etc.
When I think about how I want things to move and behave then I let that inform the flow of their stats. I might do a write-up on that afterwards and make all this available on my website for people to do their own versions.


I’ll do one if you do one :yum:


Time to watch Dance of the Dead and dive right into this after. Looks like a blast.