Fun with Tags



Here’s an idea I’m taking from Fate: I’m adding an action to the regular flow of the turn called Place a Tag that lets a player or GM, on their turn, place a tag off their choosing (bound to Attempt and Effort when necessary) on an enemy or the environment. This costs an action, so you may not place a tag and attack on the same turn. This would let characters build up a series of advantages through an encounter that can help set up a very dramatic sequence that goes beyond the"stand there and hit each other with a stick until one of you falls down" mentality. As an example, one character used their turn to place the Distracted tag on the enemy orc. The next character runs behind them and throws oil on their back, placing the Flammable tag, and then the last one smiles as they cast their Fireball spell, but because it’s stacking with the applicable tags, each one stacks to upgrade the damage dice to Ultimate (at the GM’s discretion). Thoughts?


I kinda like it! Perhaps adding a tag requires a check or something? :smiley:


It does, it’s bound to checks, attempts and effort just like a regular action (more complex tags definitely could require a heart). The idea, however, is to make sure it keeps with the idea of simplicity and flow. Also, the tags must be tied to the narrative, make sense with the context, and pass muster with the GM.


Sounds like a fun mechanic, but it is gameifying the game a bit :yum:

If it is a light hearted game tone, sure!!! But if you are going for cinematic or dark brooding tone…it will take you out of it.


Where in the book of FATE did you read that? That sounds amazing for my own game!


And you’re referring to the infamous “meta” that many people complain about regarding Fate. And you’re absolutely correct: everything I’m codifying in this mechanic can already happen with no use of tags at all. However this dynamic can serve greatly for a particular group of players; not every table features players ready to imply mechanics from an explicit narrative rather than the alternative.


Fate Core. Specifically the “Create an Advantage” action.


Ah, alright! I know I’ve been looking up the aspects to make character creation more dynamic in Godbound. It’s very fun to use with Hero Points or Coins! :smiley: