Full Set



Is that one on the far left 1st edition?


Yessir. That is first edition.



Well now you’re just showing off!


It’s an illness. It really is.


No sir. It IS the cure.


This is a lot of love for gaming!.. I really wanted the MAGIC book to have a red cover. … but that is not a complaint!

Thanks @Runehammer for THE BEST GAME ON THE MARKET! … remember what I said almost a year ago… “More people are playing your games at Con’s than some more popular ones.” (Numenera, Dungeon World, DCC, to name a few.) At least in my neck of the woods.

And the SHIELDWALL grows every day…


Oh yeah? OH YEAH??? well fine. That’s just lovely. No really. I didn’t buy the 1e print. But I did JUST grab all the others in print for no good reason. I had already printed the PDFs lol


Nice! I have yet to get the Magic one, but I have the other three in glorious hardback.



No first edition here but we going hard anyway


I was looking at my rpg collection and was really bothered by the fact that i don’t own the physical copy of my favorite rpg game! I promptly bought the physical copy and am going to buy the others! This system is worth every single cent.


I only have access to the PDF’s, so when printing I went down a different route:

This has the rules, GM Mastery, WORLDs Milestones, GM Grizzly’s Journeys and Civilizations, Loot Tables.

Just the Alfheim sections from CORE and WORLDS

The monster section from CORE, GM Grizzlys Monsters VOL 1, ICRPG/D&D Monster Tome, Monster rollers from WORLDS

The Alfheim character creation pages from CORE

Character Booklets
The Alfheim character creation pages from CORE in little A5 booklets for the players and my Archetype Cards

I stripped out any mention of Warp Shell and Ghost Mountain. I think I will print out MAGIC as its own book. So I can slowly introduce the good stuff. I want to redo the Character creation booklets to strip out any Magic from there and add in Tags, as I prefer to start with no/low magic and have it awaken within the world.


Here’s the link to my hand-bound book:

It is missing Blood & Snow and MAGIC. I’ll bind a new version eventually.