Full ICRPG release on Fantasy Grounds



You shouldn’t need an extension to run games with MAGIC and WORLDS; the base ruleset already supports the creating spells/powers with the more advanced system in MAGIC. The content isn’t there, but the framework to create and use that content is there.

I’ve also made extensions (mods, basically) to support the rules modifications in Altered State (surge, rage, different effort, etc), as well as Blood & Snow (using armor to soak damage instead of as a target to hit). I’ll be sharing those shortly.

As for book modules, I would love to get all the WORLDS, MAGIC, Altered State, Blood & Snow, etc. content out there, but that’s up to Hank. Of course if he’s ok with it, we could just share all that content here for free rather than putting it up on the store, but it’s his content.

Since it sounds like 3e is on the horizons, I might see if we can get an official FG module for 3e which should contain the best of everything up to now.


That would be great also.

I have all of the books in pdf form (some in print form as well)

If it is easy enough to add to the rulestet you created, I dont mind doing data entry

Does the ruleset include the mini adventures in the back of the 2e core book?


The system and the content are two separate things in fantasy grounds. The ruleset is just the rules of the game. The system knows what an attempt is, or what effort is and how to deal damage to creatures, etc.

The content is made up of modules, which are equivalent to books. The bundle linked in the original post is a combination of the ruleset and a bunch of modules that make up ALL content in CORE 2e. All of the archetypes, bioforms, loot table, spells, monsters, etc. All of the adventures are in there too, just broken out into their own little module for ease of use.

You can absolutely take whatever content you have and turn it into a module. You could even create a module that’s all your own custom stuff and then sell or share it with other people. I’ve already got 80% of MAGIC created in fantasy grounds, I just can’t share or sell it without permission since it’s not my IP.


Hi Everyone, I’ve purchased the FG ruleset for ICRPG and it is excellent, I cant wait to try it on an actual session.

But something caught my eye, on the options on the GM side of the tool, I noticed that there’s a feature to use the “Battle Fury” rule with Fantasy Grounds, But I’m not sure how it is tracked and how can my players can use it… so has anybody used this option yet?battle%20fury

Aside from that, it’s an awesome work!, thaks for the time!


Hey, thanks for purchasing it!

Battle Fury is an effect that you can put on a character on the combat tracker. If you put “Fury: +1” in the effect’s text, all attempts will have +1. Every time an attempt fails that number is bumped by one, and if you succeed an attempt the effect expires.


Ah, now I get it!, that’s awesome!, thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!

I’ve had my first session working with the Fantasy Grounds framework and it is awesome, thanks for the great job!. On my next session I’m going to add some vehicles on the Mix, but while I was doing some testing, something odd came up, it’s likely that I’m doing something wrong, but bear with me.

I tried doing a battle between 2 pedestrians vs 1 vehicle, I created 2 chunks with their respective numbers to hit, everything is doing fine when I’m drag-and-dropping the attempt from the pedestrian to the Vehicle, the problem is when EFFORT is applied, It look like it’s targeting a random chunk every time effort is applied.

In this example, I Put a range to target specific parts of the vehicle, 10-16 goes to the Chassis while 17-20 goes to the Weapon systems, Let’s say I get a Modified 16 (14+2) for the attempt, this roll should go to the chassis, but when applying effort, sometimes it goes to the Chassis, and sometimes it goes to the weapons system, it looks to be kind of random, maybe I’m setting the roll range wrong?



Thanks for the question! Chunks currently work as they’re described in CORE. I know there are some other slight variations of the rules in other books, but in CORE the chunk you hit is randomly decided by a die roll, not by the result of the attack. Because of that, when you deal effort, the system rolls a die to see which chunk is hit and assigns damage based on the result of that.

The fields you highlighted are optional fields to customize the probability of damaging a particular chunk. If all chunks have those fields empty, then every chunk has an equal chance of being hit. If you put in ranges as you have, then the system uses those ranges to determine what chunk is hit. In the case of your screenshot the difference between the minimum and maximum (10 to 20) is 11, so the system will pick a number between 10 and 20 and assign damaged based on that result. There would be a 7 out of 11 chance of the chassis being hit, and a 4 out of 11 chance of the weapon system being hit.

You could clear out those fields and it’d be a 50/50 which chunk takes damage. If you wanted to weight the chance of hitting a particular chunk you could put 1-7 for the first one, and 8-10 for the second. That would split the damage 70/30 instead.

Eventually I’d like to expand on chunk options and allow for more variant and homebrew things, because the idea of basing which chunk is hit on the roll of the attempt is really cool and I’d like to be able to do that.


Sir, you’re awesome, always providing feedback quickly, and I appreciate you take time to answer our questions.

Now I understand what’s happening in the background and I can prepare accordingly… thanks so much for your advice!


I can’t believe I missed this post!

Congrats @George_Taray for your outstanding release! I have been using and beta testing the ruleset for many months and it is in a pretty great shape currently.

I can’t wait for new additions and improvements!