Full ICRPG release on Fantasy Grounds



A final follow up on the saga that has been getting ICRPG on Fantasy Grounds: IT IS DONE

The ruleset and all of Core 2e, available to use directly in Fantasy Grounds.


Great work! Really fits the tone and style of ICRPG!


Yay!!! Been waiting on this since we played!!!


Awesome! I am running an FG D&D 5e campaign for my brother. Having ICRPG in FG will be a huge plus for me. I am new to online gaming so I expect to run quick games in RHVTT.

However, having ICRPG in FG is HUGE! Great stuff!


Yeah man, the Runehammer VTT looks sick, and I’ll probably end up using both.


I expect to jump into a game or encounter quickly with RHVTT. Then, user FG for long, on-going campaigns where having some extra tools might make sense.

I started a one-on-one campaign with my brother in FG, yesterday, so I can get comfortable with the interface - which is why RHVTT is so AWESOME! No f’ing learning f’ing curve! Just get stuck in a game NOW!


For sure, I love fantasy grounds for what it does, but I can’t say it’s intuitive or simple to use. I’m really excited to see how the RHVTT sits with the public.


Got it! Working on a solo Deathtrap run.

It recks not!


On ICRPG in FG, character sheet has free flowing Stat block just add fields as necessary.

Any plans to change the character sheet? FG automatically sorts the fields when you create them. People may want something closer to the ICRPG book feel.

It is not bad. I am just curious.


Are you referring to the version of the ruleset that I posted at the beginning of the year? Because that version is now woefully out of date. The character sheet that comes with the module and ruleset I posted in the original post looks like this:


I purchased the ICRPG module and downloaded it. Looks good.

Here is what the character sheet looks like for me. I am guessing something is wrong with my configuration of FG.


Yeah, that’s still the really old version. You’ll want to delete that version of the ruleset from your ruleset folder. It’s likely clashing with the new one.


Cool. I deleted the older ICRPG.mod from ~/SmiteWorks/Fantasy Grounds/modules. Then, redownloaded updates. Fixed!



I am making sheet for Roll20. I see you are using same font that is in ICRPG books. Can you tell me what is this font ?


Is this the ground up platform @Runehammer was hinting at a couple of weeks ago in a youtube video?


No, this is fantasy grounds. The Runehammer VTT is being tested by immortal patrons currently :slight_smile:


The font is nusaliver.


So glad I asked! I will wait for the official Runehammer VTT to come out of testing. Saved me and my friends some dineros.


Good work on this, George! If you and Sandy are running a game let me know!


Are there planned extensions for ICRPG Magic and ICRPG worlds?

I would love to have all of that available for a complete ruleset, even if I had to purchase those additional pieces separately