From D20 Future to ICRPG - The Sesheyan



I compiled the features of the Sesheyan D20 Future into a character type for MICRPG. I organized them with features from the Obeah and wrote a few abilities to fill in the empty slots. I did that because I had a lot of spare time and I love this species a lot!

  1. This is a first draft so I am looking for feedback: how do you feel about CHIPPED & BRANDED in particular?
  2. How do you feel about the hybrid cost of some of the requests? Does it cheapen the Favor resource?
  3. Yes, Favor is meant to only replenish when you pick the appropriate MILESTONE ABILITY… or if the GM introduces quests from the spirits to you.
  4. The RESTRAINT, yay or nay?
  5. The character tag from the STARTING LOOT, yay or nay?
  6. Do the abilities feel too powerful or not enough?

Thank you very much for reading! I hope that you will enjoy this and I cannot wait to read your comments!


Sesheyan >> +1 DEX, +1 WIS, +2 BASIC EFFORT

RESTRAINT (choose 1)

  • AWKWARD: Sesheyans lack the social graces of most races. Charisma CHECKS toward other aliens are HARD.
  • TECHNOPHOBIC: ALL ATTEMPTS to understand or use technology are HARD.
  • SENSITIVE: When acting under bright light your ATTEMPTS requiring sight are HARD. Abrubt exposure to a bright light blinds your Sesheyan for a ROUND.


WIND SPIRIT: CHECKS to move silently and hide are EASY.
CHIPPED & BRANDED: Voidcorp might not be aware that you have gone rogue yet, so you still have friendly contacts within the organisation. Chip implants allow you to come and go from some of the megacorporation’s installations, but someone else could use them to track you…
BORN AMONGST THE STARS: Unless your Sesheyan is wearing too heavy an armor, he can fly gracefully about a bit faster than he can hustle. In addition, as long as your character is conscious and able to use its wings it NEVER takes damage from a fall. It may take flight or glide safely to the ground instead.

STARTING LOOT (choose 1)

OBEAH TOTEM: Your character gains the tag Obeah and may call upon spirits using Favor and a successful Charisma CHECK. You begin with 2 Favor and this selection of requests:

  • Ancestral Prayer: Make ALL ATTEMPTS of a single target EASY or HARD until your next ROUND. Cost 1 Favor.
  • Appear: Call upon the spirit to make a visible manifestation. It can’t do anything, or say anything, but it can be used to impress, scare or distract. The manifested image itself lasts 1D4 ROUNDS plus one ROUND per MILESTONE ABILITY of the Obeah. Cost 1 Favor.
  • Endure: The Obeah becomes immune to exhaustion for 24 hours, but must sleep for at least 12 hours after using this request. Costs 2 Favors to invoke and can only be invoked once per week.

GIFT OF SERVICE: Whether it is a gold watch, a fancy pen, or something else, the little contraption exists to give you the approximative value of a thing and to indicate the person or group who would be the most interested in acquiring it. Your character gains the tag Corporate.
MEDICINAL HERBS: Can be prepared in a variety of ways to cure different physical and mental ills with a successful Intelligence ATTEMPT. 3 Uses, which could be replenished in abundant nature. Your character gains the tag Healer.

MILESTONE ABILITIES (choose 1 when awarded by GM)

RISE ABOVE: Remove the Restraint from your character.
PRESERVE LIFE: After a “Don’t die on me man!” CHECK, whether successful or not, your dying ally jumps up with 1 HP on his own, unmodified 15+ CHECK.
SMELLS LIKE COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Replenish Favor and raise its total by 1. You and any other Sesheyan may agree to share your pools of Favor in a ritual for a request.
WARD TATTOO: On ANY unmodified ROLL of 15+ reduce the next damage from a single source by 3. The damage can not be adjusted to fall below 1.
REQUEST DEPUTEE: Invoke a spirit to perform a simple, physical task for 1 ROUND per MILESTONE ABILITY of the Sesheyan. Costs 3 Favors or a HERO COIN.
AMBUSH PREDATOR: After a successful attack against an unsuspecting character, that character cannot disengage your Sesheyan for a ROUND.


REQUEST GUIDE: Call upon a spirit to possess either the Sesheyan or a volunteer. The possessed being ALWAYS makes EASY ATTEMPTS and gains 2 HEART for the duration of the possession (1 ROUND per MILESTONE ABILITY of the Sesheyan invoking this favor). This favor is immediately cancelled if the target engages in actions that are in opposition to the character of the spirit. Costs 4 Favors or a HERO COIN.
SPIRITUAL DEEPENING: Your character gains the tag Obeah if he did not have it before and may call upon spirits using Favor and a successful Charisma CHECK. You receive 4 Favor and the selection of requests from the STARTING LOOT OBEAH TOTEM as well as these other requests:

  • Messenger: The Obeah can send a short (20 words or less) message to any being they know in the universe and who is not shielded by magic. Delivery may occur instantly. Costs 4 Favor.
  • Manifestation: The invoked spirit penetrates the physical world; it has the STATS of a SWARM from ICRPG CORE P.125 and obeys the Obeah for 1 ROUND per MILESTONE ABILITY before returning in peace to the spirit realm. The spirit won’t obey orders that are in opposition to its character. Costs 6 Favor.

(Imagine that I provide the stat block for the Swarm from CORE P.125 here. This is what I would do in a finished product.)

  • Reincarnate: The Obeah can bring back a dead person in another body, if death occurred no more than one week before the request. Reincarnate does not require a Charisma CHECK: the corpse is touched and a new incarnation of the person appears in 1D10 TURNS. The reincarnated recalls his former life. Costs 8 Favor.

HEROIC HUNTER: CHECKS to immobilize, trap, hold on or catch unsuspecting opponents are EASY by default. You may tag a single character that your Sesheyan can see as Prey and make EASY CHECKS to spot, track and hide from. ALWAYS treat Prey like an unsuspecting opponent. You may switch the tag Prey from one character to another during a TURN.

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Art by our very own @Krzysiek_Jeczala ! Thank you very much for your awesome work! :muscle:


Never use D20 Futur but the content of this book was huge and seems really cool. Glad you want to convert it to ICRPG. ^^


Not the whole thing, only the Sesheyans! :smile: