I know this is very short notice, but just wanted you all to know that R-N-W and RPGTOONS is offering one of their quest packs for free this weekend only…this is a chance to see what kind of content they create and check out their style…it’s definitely worth a rummage through! Today (Sunday) is the last day its free. They have lots of other free stuff on their patreon page too.


Awesome! So far i’m digging the artwork and all the templates look interesting. I’ll probably tweak them a bit to fit my style. I think the shop template will be a hit with my 5e crew because for whatever reason they always want to be in shops, haha. This will at least help me make that experience more interesting and immersive, even if it’s just for me. Might even arm some of my baddies with these cool, inventive items :smiling_imp:

Thanks for the link! :herocoin:


Yeah they have some really cool ITEM, SPELLS, and WEAPON cards, its tuned to 5e but we all love to tinker to our tastes right :+1: they have a website too that has a lot of character sheets and cards and all kinds of tools drawn and formatted in their style.