Free RPG Day 2023



Hey, Just a quick blurb about Free RPG Day.

With Free RPG Day coming up on the 24th of June, I thought I would hop on to share the info in this space. While ICRPG is not among the content available for RPG Day, that does not mean we can’t get out and enjoy the hobby with other gamers, I will be running ICRPG: Fall of Anor in my local game store for new and experienced gamers alike.

If you want to check to see if you have a retailer near you who is participating in Free RPG Day you can check at:

If anyone has run the Fall of Anor and would like to give pointers I will gladly jot down some notes for the game.

Game on!


If you’re running the “Planet Killer” (Part 1) portion of the Fall of Arnor as a one-shot adventure, consider consulting @KaneDriscol’s notes on running the session in real time, with a fixed session length and a live countdown in which the players have to accomplish their objectives and escape. We recently revisited that same GM concept @JDH ran a Mandalorian-inspired adventure using foes from his postapocalyptic The Waste Is Not Kind setting.

Kane’s real-time Arnor live play is here

Good luck.


Will do thanks.

I am contemplating having a stack of Premade characters in Index Cards or card stock, any recommendations for these will also be greatly appreciated.


I can hook you up with some resources I put together when I ran Fall of Arnor at my local convention earlier this year.

Take a hero coin for hosting a great game and spreading the word of ICRPG :herocoin:


That would be greatly appreciated. I am currently making printable GM booklets for the adventures.

I will be making printable Character Guide booklet as well just to have a few available for players who want to make a character rather than run a premade.


Thanks, is that usable in the next Adventures of Perdu.
Just kidding :grin:

I really like to spread the word and love of the hobby any time I can.