Free Roll20 GM Workshop this Thursday, 3-19-20




I am offering a free workshop/presentation on Roll20 GMing for some members of this community this Thursday, 3/19/20 at 11am PST (Your time here: ). I am extending the invite to anyone interested here as well.

Target audience: GMs who are new to GMing on Roll20 or are thinking about starting as well as experienced Roll20 GMs who wish to pick up some new tricks.(Players who are just curious are welcome).

It will be held via live screen share with Zoom which can host plenty of guests. Participants will be audio only. The length will be 60-90 minutes.

We will cover the basics of GMing mechanics on Roll20 and several best bets for smooth play and reduced prep time .

Depending on the size of the group questions will be taken as we go. I’ll be bringing my trainer and presentation experience to make it an effective and informative time.

While I’m not a Roll20 wizard, I have run many, many games and have been a student of Roll20 tips and tricks many of which came from great GMs here! While YouTube videos can be fine, I’ve made much more progress as a result of person to person tutorials.

I realize the time I’ve set isn’t the most ideal being early on a weekday (U.S.), but it fits for the initial people who I’ve set this up for and no doubt many of us are at home this week.

Interested in participating? Then please DM me so that you may be added to the web conference. I look forward to paying forward to new and existing Roll20 GMs what others have for me.


If you are using Zoom, you can record the presentation as the host. If possible, it would be awesome to be able to watch it later and reference players and GMs to in the future.


This would be great as I won’t have time.


I’ve had the benefit of one-on-one mentoring in @Wildstar Roll20 dark magics. Highly recommend to any who can to take advantage of this. His training and suggestions are what moved me off Discord to Roll20 for my Theatre of the Mind ventures.


You’re running Roll20 for TotM? Is that to use the dice roller and drop images? Is the audio stable?


Basic setup: Tokens are used for turn order and the ability to use macros. We placed ours on the left side of the screen. Name plates on the bottom of the screen included character name and AC (solves problem of tracking on paper or asking “Does that hit?”). Map is simply a picture representing the area/room, not overhead/tactical. I made character sheets for my monsters and put them on the fifth page to easily drag to page I needed them. We used Zoom for voice. Hit me up in Discord and I can give you more details if you need. Took me 1 hour to prep, including setting up character sheets for players. 3 rooms for 2 hours of run time.


A few notes based on questions I have gotten . . .

If you’re not familiar with Zoom, it’s a web based conferencing app. Many from this community are also using it for gaming. It’s easy to use as you’ll join the presentation via an invite link.

You will not need to have Roll20 open (though you can). I’ll just be presenting to you via screen share through the meeting app.

I’ll consider recording pending participants being ok (it’ll be audio only).

We’re at 10 participants at the moment but there’s room for plenty more. Zoom can take 99 peeps on one meeting! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow…yeah, that is really cool! I’m really digging this setup, very little prep time. I threw this together in Roll20 in about five minutes:

Trolls on a broken stair…I’m liking this! Thanks!

I will probably hit you up about the monster character sheets and using the fifth page, although @Wildstar may be covering that in his Roll20 seminar.


this is fantastic! it does seem like I am joining the online play now.


Thanks to everyone who has DM’d me for an RSVP (looks like we’ll have a lot of familiar faces from this forum). I will post the link to the meeting here in the morning (PST).

Last minute participants are welcome. I would still like a direct message from you if decide ahead of time so I know who/how many to expect. Thanks!


Here is the link for today’s Roll20 Tutorial Presentation. If/when prompted select to “join with computer audio”.

We’ll start at 11am PST (Your time here:

I’ll have the meeting open five minutes early for you to connect and kick off right at 11am. After the presentation, I’ll open it up for questions for those who want to hang around.


Had to drop early because I’m “working” from home, but I wanted to thank you for setting this info session up! I certainly learned a few new tricks that I’m excited to try out with my regular group that have been holed up for too long.


Thanks for catching what you were able to.

You’re welcome to join my Discord server should you be looking to join some ICRPG games on Roll20, find players for your games, or ask any follow up questions. There’s no shortage of ICRPG games going on there from a number of GMs from the community.


Thanks @Wildstar. Really enjoyed the information. Been GM’n for the first time with ICRPG. Maybe working on an online game due to all the craziness going on. Really wanting to play on the other side also. Thanks again.