Free printable city closeup cards




I got told that this might be a place where people would be interested in my card giveaways. I created a sheet of 8 city closeup cards you can download and print if you like them.

Check them out on and tell me what you think :wink:


Om whaaat this is awesome!!!


Yeah! Nice stuff, thanks for introducing yourself and your art to us :+1:t3:


Very Cool. Thank you for sharing and would certainly love to see more!


Really cool work, and very useful. Thanks for sharing this.


Thanks! Happy you like it :wink:


How do we get our fuzzy grubs on your previous giveaway “December Giveaway - 8 Printable Dungeon Cards”:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


At the moment you can’t (sorry). But I will release all giveaways (and some extras) again soon. And I will then post it here. Or follow me on twitter to stay updated :wink:


Nice, thanks for posting :+1: