Free artwork for your projects


Hi folks. I am not a great artist. I’m really not. But when I got my fingers on Procreate I started scribbling and doing some character “art”. Over the years more than a hundred accumulated on my drive and the style does fit ICRPG, I think. Well, I made it for my ICRPG projects. Some pieces are better than others.

So … I don’t want all that go to waste. Here you are. Please tell me if you like it. And please make something from it. Monsters, classes, templates, characters …

As a special I will publish some more ambitious illustration of demons from time to time. If you like.


These are great! I wish I were not a great artist the way that you are not a great artist, because the way I am doing seems much more committed to the “not great” part :sweat_smile:


I agree with the above these are very cool,


Hey hey! I am the person on Reddit who mentioned that you should get in touch with Alex. Glad to see you posted here because your art really is excellent and a good fit for ICRPG!

Thanks a ton for sharing it here as well!


Dude I wish I was half the artist you are. If I were I wouldn’t have to go to others for the art I am seeking to put in my homebrewed bronze age setting.

What are your commission rates? … asking for a friend… >.>


I‘m glad you like my little character art. I hope people find use for it. Thanks for being so positive.


I am humbled you consider using my art, but sorry Jaide. I‘m not a professional artist. I do this in my rare spare time. So I don‘t do commissions. But you will find much better artists at r/hungryartists for example.


Sagt, dass er nicht gut zeichnen kann und teilt dann extrem coole Zeichnungen mit uns. Danke dir dafür. :slight_smile:
Don’t sell yourself short, those are really cool.