For The Company - VDS meets minimalist Burning Wheel



A Hard Fantasy TTRPG about working together and failing forward, For the Company is a game where the GM is given simple tools to simulate real consequences, and Players attempt to combat obstacles using risk-reward mechanics (e.g. Push, Resolve, and Aid). All mechanics are designed to be simple, memorable, and foundational. Additional layers can easily be added to fit the tone and focus of the table!

I would love your feedback and questions on this system. It has clear inspirations from VDS and Blades in the Dark in the core mechanics, but I was trying to capture the expansive scope of Burning Wheel and the theme of The Black Company.

If nothing else, please check out The Company and how to start a campaign with three simple questions, bored directly from how to describe a board game by Shut Up and Sit Down.

My goal is to create my own RPG and this is not intended to be a Hack of any core system. Within the next few months, I will be playtesting, and if that goes well, focusing on layout, theme, and art.


For the Company_Playtest