Flintlock weapons


Anybody written stats for a flintlock rifle, for the ME gerblins, I’m thinking single shot, then one full turn to reload? Thanks


I haven’t, but in my mind gerblins shoot spoons (like the spoon guns in Pathfinder 2E).
Single-shot, ULT on 19-20, one full turn to re-load. Breaks on nat 1-5.



Thanks for your input, though I think a 25% chance of the weapon breaking is pretty harsh.


You can scale it down if you want.
In my mind it was like: “It is known that Gerblin-weapons are deadly… for anyone involved.”
Maybe there are better Gerblin weaponsmiths around that construct weapons that don’t explode in your face. :smiley:


Oh I can see your line of thinking for sure. Thanks.


Yeah, there was some implicit lore in that mechanic I didn’t spell out. Maybe it’s even a stereotype that Gerblin-weapons are haphazardly slapped together. Maybe the best Gerblin-wepaonsmiths can best the finest dwarven- or gnome-weapons? What would make sense in your game? :slight_smile:


@KaneDriscol made a page of gerblin equipment, it’s in this zine:


(@KaneDriscol is the man!)


Perfect, thanks…


He certainly is, thanks.


If you have ME, you could certainly use the Ghost Mountain gun rules as inspiration. I included a fine arquebus in my game, and wrote it out like this:

Fine Arquebus - rolls to hit are HARD; advantaged ULT damage


In the alternate rules for pseudorealistic gunplay I suggested a few months back, flintlock-style early muzzle-loading firearms might be defined with four stats something like this:

  • Flintlock pistol (single-shot 1, capacity 1, NEAR)
  • Flintlock musket (single-shot 1, capacity 1, FAR)
  • Flintlock rifle (single-shot 1, capacity 1, DOUBLE FAR)
  • Blunderbuss (scatter 1, capacity 1, NEAR)


I just posed this Musketeer (Flintlock guns) Class
maybe you find it usefull