Flight of the Black Candle - a foray into Relics of Odium


That’s a great idea, Chuck. :raised_hands:


Maybe we can publish a book?


I like that idea. I see some collaboration in our future gentlemen!


Off-topic but I will create and maintain a free book for ICRPG that has anything and everything the community has to offer. It will be hundreds of pages, I reckon. Maybe we’ll put these things in there or maybe in some other book that is dedicated to roll20. We’ll see.


Ezzerharden Incompleted Collected Works and the Tome of Knowledge… Both have a metric ton of the G+ and forums archived in them. Not alot of Roll20 stuff, but valuable none the less.

Game On!


@Ezzerharden, where can I find those tomes of knowledge?


@Ezzerharden where would one find vol1 of the Incompleted Collected Works and this Tome of Knowledge?


Ezzerharden Incomplete Collected Works Vol 1

sadly I have lost the Tome of Knowledge…

Game On!


Oh wow that sucks. Nothing worse than Losing hard work.

Thanks for the link to vol1!