Flexible Casting


I am currently working on a conversion of the concepts and feel of the Terrinoth setting (via Genesys RPG) into ICRPG. This work brings me up against magic, which is considered in very different ways in either system. I am attempting to capture the flexibility of Genesys’s magic and transcribe it into ICRPG. Below is an example of one of the Spells. In Genesys spells are divided into Actions, only some of which are available to specific magic skills. In my conversion work Class determines which spells you can cast, not unlike the way they are broken down in ICRPG Magic and Khan’s Spells and Feats. This is still an untested concept that I am working on. If there is feedback that could be given with this minor glimpse into my work it would be appreciated.

Barrier{create a magical barrier or shield around the target}
Standard Target at CLOSE range takes (simple) MAGIC effort less damage for d4 rounds. Cost: 1 HP
Range Target creature at +1 range increment. Cost: +1 HP
Armor Target’s ARMOR is increased by (simple) MAGIC effort. Cost: +1 HP
Empowered The barrier’s Standard or Armor effect is (complex) MAGIC effort. Cost: +2 HP
reflective (MAGE) If the target is hit with a magic attack half of that damage is reflected at the caster. Cost: +1 HP and attempt is HARD
sanctuary (disciple) Target is affected as HOLY or UNHOLY. Forces opposites to disengage, and they may not engage for duration of the spell. Cost: +1 HP and attempt is HARD

I have created (I think) the concept of simple and complex effort. Sometimes effort is added to something but it is only the basic die roll (simple). Sometimes effort is added with all the relevant bonuses from LOOT and whatnot (complex).


Ask @Runehammer … He might be able to shed some light on a flexible magic system.