First XDZ Game




First run of Xeno Dead Zone. I played solo with one each of the nine pregens. I used the XDZ rules and statted them out. They did fine, just fine, until the xenos hit.

Not a single objective completed. I spawned an average of 12 xenos per round. Got Out of Ammo on the second round, which pretty much sealed their fate. Then came Scent of Blood, and 30-50 wild xenos stampeded down the hall. They managed to seal a door in the nick of time.

But all for naught. Although they got a much-needed Supply Drop, it took them too long to get the door to the Alpha open. 9 xenos spawned on their heads, and it was game over, man.

Game over.


Must have been a fun, epic game! :smiley:


I’m just thinking of speeding the location rolls up a little. What if I numbered each location card 1-16. A location roll becomes a 1d20 roll, and I reroll 17-20. Instead of quadrants, just put stuff in the center of the location. When spawning, you still roll 1d4 to determine how many locations the xenos spawned at.

Thoughts? Does that break anything?


Quick tangent on the binder clips, I notice they are blocking the artwork for the characters. Maybe you don’t mind. But when I use them for standees I take the steel loops off. It’s really easy to pop them on and off, just bend the loop back to the clipping position and squeeze the attachment ends together.


Yeah, I do that when playing with a group. But playing solo it’s just more work :slight_smile:


great setup! there have been precious few victories in ALL the XDZ plays out there… :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s another idea that would make the game difficulty a little more predictable and make resolving spawns easier. Instead of rolling 1d20 xenos and 1d4 for how many rooms to split them, roll 2d10 and place one die of xenos in one room, and the other die of xenos in a second room. Use my room selection idea above, and off you go.

You could also do 3d6 with the same method. Or 3d8 :smiling_imp: