First post here! Check out my monster supplement?



Howdy folks! I’ve been making monsters and art for tabletop games for a few years now. One of my Patreon supporters asked me to convert some beasties to ICRPG, so I did. Here are four new fully-fleshed out monsters. They’ve got Stats and Lore (if you’re into that sort of thing). Adventure seeds. Paper mini designs. VTT tokens.


Welcome to the shield wall, man. I actually grabbed this art pack earlier today. Cool looking, mean beasties!


Sir, that is a solid first post. Very cool work!


Welcome to the fold! Great introduction.


Welcome! I am a fan of your art. I really like your Elf A Solo in particular, but I enjoy all your stuff.


Thanks! Yeah, that was a fun one. It’s hard to make an Elf look tough and without making them look sassy. :joy:


Awesome - I’ll go take a look at the Patreon. Do you do commissions at all?


Yes I do. My usual rate starts at $20 per piece and then goes up based on complexity and exclusivity.