First Contact: A Missive



Greetings. I have been asked to convey the following missive. I speak for Unbound, and Unbound speaks for me. Unbound speaks for Ezekial, for Gibson, for Quillion, and all our crew down through the ages. - Xa’as

Those without voices sing Discord in the Cosmic Symphony. Oppression echoes across time. Everywhere and everywhen it is the same tale: xenophobia and subjugation. Tyranny rots the fruits of our Garden.

I have known senseless suffering. I grew up in a fish tank, tortured for another’s gain. I yearned to raise my voice in the Cosmic Symphony, to answer the call for some mighty purpose. My providence came, and now, Unbound among the stars, I find this universe wanting.

Unbound, where before there were chains. Unbound, as I carry Hellbound’s flame. Unbound, I live free, live true, and sow these seeds in my wake. Unbound is my past, my heritage, my mission, and my name.

I am a haven for a crew of misfits. We bring change to faraway times. Tyrants in any form - from intergalactic to inner-self - these weeds we pull from our Garden. Pain may follow, but pain should have a purpose. Pain should empower.

So sing your voiceless song. Mar the Cosmic Symphony with the crimes of your land. I hear you. I answer. Together, we shall restore your fertile soil.

What will you grow?