Final Fantasy styled maps



I’m running a Final Fantasy styled campaign in my own world of Magna Terra. Thought I’d share some of my maps!



These are so great. I can’t get over how awesome they are.


Oh Man, can‘t say how awesome these maps are! Very well done.


What are you using ? RPG maker ?
I also tried to make similar maps for my game, but given up cause it was taking to much time :frowning:


These are so cool. I am inspired!


Thanks man! They are real fun to make. My players get really psyched because they know I up my game for every map I make.
I also use scene-backgrounds alot.


I use Tiled. Super great!
When I first tried it didn’t stick. But I didn’t have the incentive. Now I do!
I learn by doing and after a while you get faster. What I find help alot is drawing it out on paper before getting it in on Tiled. I experiment with alot of different sets and alot of Layers.
The village took it’s sweet ass time and the cliffs a couple of morning coffees.


Thank you! They are enjoyed to the fullest!


Does tiled come with its own tiles, or did you need to download ?


Nah man, you can find resources from other games. Like Final Fantasy. There are some great sites out there.

You create a map, and then you can create a tileset. It’s defaulted at 16x16 but you can change those settings whilst creating a Tileset.
Super slick. Then just play around with it.
When something is missing I either create it on my own via GIMP our find art and then size it so it fits


I love seeing your work! Very inspirational.
Also, Tiled rocks so hard, it’s good seeing another creator use it. :slight_smile:


Thanks man! The shieldwall made me do it!!


Wonderful artwork, the level of detail is amazing.