Lally-Ho fellow dwarves!!
As we have now settled down at our new hearth to ponder our Worlds wonders and horrors I have now come to a conclusion that I wanted to surprise you all with my FINAL FANTASY.HACK!! <3

Sorry to say it’s not done, tested, proof-read an won’t be a paid supplement. I don’t think I will finish it in some time but Here It Is!

All the love from your humble northern skandi-god!
(Read the doc in print-format if on the phone)

Final Fantasy: ICRPG
Setting Guides

Digging it. Looking forward to reading it


I’ve been throwing out some Otherworldly loot from the Hack in our Symbaroum game. The players are loving it.


Nice. I am working on a dbz hack for the system


Hell yeah dude! I’d love me some tight DBZ supplement! I had the same thought about it but stopped at the Supers Power Dice inspired from Diaz’s Kymera Dice


Saw that. I’ll keep you up to date and pick your brain on the subject. :vulcan_salute:


For the sake of reciprocal links check this out too!