Feast of the Einherjar: A Norse Setting


Hey all, I just launched a Norse Campaign setting on Kickstarter. It’s 400 pages, over 100k words. The free player’s guide is almost half the book at ~200 pages on RPG Drive Thru. ICRPG is where I began my creative origins. I originally wanted to do this in ICRPG but decided to the stats in 5e to make it more inclusive. Please check it out:


If there is enough interest, I hope to release a free ICRPG Dwarf Supplement for ICRPG set in Myrkhiem, with a focus on Runes for Hammers.


Congrats on hitting your funding goal.


Thanks, that was a pleasant surprise.
I already added and started working on an ICRPG supplement as a stretch goal!


Awesome! But where is the ICRPG module? I would pledge to get just that if possibile


Let me know what you would like to see specifically?

The first stretch goal is an ICRPG supplement for Myrkheim, I have 6 dwarven classes done, WIS spells INT spells and enchantments based on Futhark runes.

The second stretch goal I was planning an adventure, in Myrkheim, in the style of ICRPG. I only have an outline at this point.

The 400+ page book is already full of system agnostic locations, adventure sites, events and campaign beats.


I thought of ICRPG specific elements, ready to use. Anyway, if I understand well you are saying that there is only one book with everything inside, right? What about seafaring, sea battles and boat management? I would really love to see that


My Norse Setting Book reached both Stretch Goals for the dwarven-themed ICRPG Myrkheim supplement


I completed a full draft yesterday. It’s ~25 pages, 6 classes, 6 monsters, gear, enchantment, and rune spells.
The adventure, The Runehammer, comprises story beats that take place across a few areas, each with key and random locations, as well as random events.