Fantasy RPG e-zine


It’s not safe out there traveller! Grab an ale, have a sit by the fire and heed these tales of danger and peril for any who would venture into the wilderness.

My very first Tavern Tales Zine is for any of you who want to spice up your travels, by presenting a few simple mechanics and tips to make travel in any fantasy RPG more exciting and adventurous. Within these meager 12 pages, you will find:

SUPPLY DICE: A simple mechanic to make resources matter. Plugs right into any TTRPG system.

PLAN YER ROUTE: Quick tips and simple advice on how to make travel more interesting, adventurous and a meaningful choice for the players.

ENCOUNTER & DICOVERY TABLES: 4 random tables packed with interesting plot hooks and things to explore while travelling the wilderness. These could easily become an adventure all in itself.

ONE-PAGE ADVENTURES: 2 complete adventures, ready to run. One for roadside travel, and one for wilderness travel.

Tavern Tales is system agnostic, meaning you can use the contents with any RPG system. All mechanics presented within are 100% self-contained and plug and play friendly.

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