Fan Dancer Character Type



New Type the Fan dancer! Equipped with stylish fans this type is made to perform!. This was a fun one for me. I really enjoyed the concept of weaponized fans and damaging winds not created from magic. Gives a mystical feeling to a martial type. let me know how i did! If you have any comments or thoughts please voice em and i hope people get a chance to try them out in their games. If you do please let me know how it went!

note: not my art, the images from a game called guilty gear and an anime called shield hero

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looks great but the mastery has to have the same name as the starting ability, that is my only critique that can make at the moment


Nice work here, you are cranking these out!


You know, i wont lie to you. i completely didn’t realize i wasn’t doing that. Kinda funny considering how much i review these lol. Ive got a couple of these guys I wanna finish up so I’ll start with those. Thanks for pointing it out!


Only got a few more ideas left I wanna try! Its kinda fun making em to be honest. And my own players seem to having a good time with them plus others Types created by members of the community. Ive been slowly gathering them into a single doc called Book of DryBrew(with proper credits as much as possible of course). Just full of various things I found on the community. I like to think my types are in something similar in other peoples collections too!



Custom Types: Revised

I like this one, it’s quite unique. Nice work on this!