Family home brew EZD6


EZD6 has replaced ICRPG as our family game. We love it!
The most fun part has been to hack the crap out of it.
The kids wanted to change the species up, which turned to changing some classes, which turned to bolstering the inclinations.
It’s such a smooth and simple game that’s easy to homebrew with.
I’m wondering are using it as your go-to game.
Also, who plays it RAW, and who does their own thing with the system?


It’s definitely become my go-to game. I’m looking at starting a campaign soon. I’ve been looking for years for a system that’s both newbie friendly, but also engaging to those of us who’ve been in gaming awhile. I think I’ve finally found it.

I’d love to see the hacks that you and your family implemented.


I’m cool with sharing. I have a few documents I’ll have to compile for you.
Species, class, inclinations, magic, and different rules.


That would be a great contribution to this message board!


I don’t know if this is coherent or worth looking at, but here you go. This is my EZD6 Homebrew Hack. We call it D&d6.


I tried opening this document, but it says I don’t have access to it.


K. Give me one second.



A lot of work went into these–I especially like your Ranger. I think the Warden is a little underpowered relative to the other Hero Paths, and think your Ranger is more of a comparable fit.



The only issue is that now the ranger is the only class/path with advantage on ranged attacks.
I was thinking the rogue and warrior should have the option to choose melee or range. In general, rogue hasn’t been playtested much.


I love seeing people hack the game. I do it all the time for other genres.


It’s my favorite version of “D&D” I’ve ever played. A sign that a game is fun and creative is that players want to tinker with it. I’m not a car guy, but I imagine that it’s like wanting to lift the hood on a Lamborghini.