Family art night for the win


I need to make some trees and mushrooms for my game. Hey kids! It’s family art night. A family that crafts together stays together.


That’s awesome!!! What medium?


Crayola AirDry Clay. $9 for a tub of it. I used aluminum foil for structure and then wrapped clay around.

It is mostly a test to see how well it holds up. Cold porcelain is what I will try next.


Back in the day (way back so there is probably better material) when I used some dental stones and ultracal. But they are not children friendly. Also I was making off of molds and such. Also try to find a place to buy local/passing through. I remember buying 50 pounds from a porcelain/cement dealer/maker for the price of 2 pounds at an art store 2 blocks away. Owner of the art store told be to get it there since I was clearing his area…he said get it down the street, I have this as a convenience to my customers who want 1 or 2 pounds.

If mixing and planning on painting, I suggest you darken it up with cheap acrylic water paint during the mix…so when it chips, it’s not white plaster peeking through.


Wow. Good story and good tips. I have been digging on this young crafter: Franky D. Crafter

He does some great stuff and I know he has used Crayola. It’s cheap and readily available so I went with it.


I’m not sure of the scale of your pieces here but if you are fabricating small scale objects plumbers epoxy is an option (available at Lowes or Home Depot). It’s an epoxy clay-like substance that you kneed together to activate the hardening process that stays pliable for about 15 minutes (or so). I know it is unconventional and you have to use gloves but it hardens like rock and you can paint it with acrylics.


I threw scale out the door a long time ago. I just want it to be as cool as I can make it.

I also love unconventional ideas. I will have to try the plumbers putty. Have you ever used it? Do you have any examples?


I have used it, though it was quite a while ago. I remember using wooden sculpting tools and toothpicks to shape and add texture. I was only able to dig up one old example photo, not the best quality but I hope you get the idea. I made an armature (a base form like your aluminum foil) using a wood screw that I screwed through a wooden disc so that it would have a nice base to stand on. Once it cured it was completely glued to the base because it is epoxy. This was some sort of amorphous creature like a gibbering mouther I believe. The base was about 1 1/4" and the creature was about 2" tall to give you an example of size here.


Okay. I’m sold! That is super dope. :herocoin::herocoin: