EZD6 Wealth Subsystem



Here is a little something I whipped up to handle wealth with dice rolls.

I actually thought of this system a year ago. It seems like it was just waiting for EZD6 to happen before I put it out in the world.

EZD6 Wealth Sub-System
There are 6 levels of wealth

  1. Pauper
  2. Cash Poor
  3. Moderate
  4. Wealthy
  5. Lordly Wealth
  6. Kingly Wealth

Items Have a Cost Level

  1. Free
  2. Junk
  3. Cheap
  4. Moderate
  5. Expensive
  6. Priceless

When you want to buy an item the Rabble Rouser sets the Cost Level of the item, Rolls that many dice and take the Highest. the Purchaser then rolls the total of their wealth dice and also takes the Highest.

If the roll is…

  • Less than, you cant afford the item.
  • Equal to, you purchase the item and loose a wealth Level.
  • More than, you purchase the item and your wealth level has no change


I think this is a really cool idea! I will try it out in my next EZD6 game for sure :smiley:
How do you handle it when a player wants to sell items though? It would make sense to me that their wealth can only go up if the sell an item of a higher cost level, but how would you check if that item really increases their wealth?


I’d just reverse the roll. You use the value that the RR assigns to the item and roll that many dice against your own wealth.

  • less than, the merchant won’t buy the item from you
  • Equal to, you sell the item and your wealth stays the same.
  • more then, you sell the item and your wealth increases.

This system can feel like you are getting ripped off a little bit though.

The best solution would be to just let the rabble rouser decide how much you have sell before your wealth increases.


I don’t get the need to roll the dice, why isn’t it as simple as you can afford items of your wealth level or less?


To me it is neat to have an extra system to make wealth a bit more interesting. My players don’t like to handwave money and wealth since then it “never really matters”. With Matt’s method you have a way to check if they really can afford the new sword, armor, etc. and even more important; if the purchase adjusts their wealth level or not.


Here’s my current implementation, with an interesting scaling difficulty when selling higher cost items.

EZD6 Merchant Sub-system

There are 6 levels of wealth:

  1. Pauper
  2. Cash Poor
  3. Moderate
  4. Wealthy
  5. Lordly Wealth
  6. Kingly Wealth

Items have a Cost Level, set by the Rabble Rouser when an item is assessed for buying / selling:

  1. Free / Junk
  2. Cheap
  3. High quality
  4. Expensive
  5. Extravagant
  6. Priceless


Item’s cost level must be less than or equal to the buyer’s wealth level.

Roll a number of dice equal to buyer’s wealth level – if no dice are equal or higher than the item’s cost level, lose a wealth level.


Item’s cost level must be higher than the seller’s wealth level.

Roll a number of dice equal to the item’s cost level.
The item is sold if any 1s or 6s are rolled, otherwise no agreement can be reached and the seller retains the item.

If any 1s are rolled then no wealth level is gained - instead, gain one karma. Otherwise, gain a wealth level for each 6 rolled.


I like this a lot. I’ve just started using EZD6 and will be using this for sure!


How is this simpler or better than just counting coins?


Could you Not Just make Something Like a Roll under :thinking:

Pauper - kingly
1 - 6

Want to buy Something, Roll under your wealth. If you Roll on or over your wealth, you still get the Item but drop one wealth Level.

Sorry, I am still in the black Hack mindset and still transitioning to ezd6 :sweat_smile:

P.s. obviously within reason, you cannot Just Go and buy a Castle If your poor.


Alternatively, let the RR Roll to Beat your wealth and drop it one Level when you buy Something.

Your wealth is basically your financial to Hit target.

Kingly being a 6+, wealthy a 4+, and pauper a 1+


Here’s my updated take on a merchant subsystem. The main reasoning for this is to keep item prices abstracted, similar to the core wealth system, while introducing a system of buying and selling that can shift the heroes wealth levels (on a sliding scale). Enjoy!