EZD6 port of the Keep on the Borderlands


Here is my port of the Keep on the Borderlands for EZD6.


That is a lot a love. Good Work.


So cool thank you great work!


Absolutely amazing. Bravo.


Brilliant! Thank you!


Thank you, this is dope!

Can I ask, that did you use any template for these monster stats?


Lovely job - well done :slight_smile: I’m looking into doing the same for The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh so your conversion here will be extremely useful.


Kudos! I did a take on B2 crossed with GW1 for OSE but was thinking of doing everything EZD6 as all my group loves the system!!!

Yep B2 is the ultimate


Is there a method or template that you used to convert beasts to EZD6?