EZD6 new campaign looking for players!



Hello! I am DM_Davin, and I am looking to start an ezd6 fantasy campaign in my homebrew world titled: Sagas of Hallroth. It is a low-medium magical setting full of grit. It’s a new world of mine and there is still much to be written by you the players.
Adventures will start near Wacot Keep along the coast of the sea of pearls.
I will be using the EZd6 system. Play will be via discord and Foundry VTT, as well as theater of the mind.
Working mic is required. Video is optional but encouraged on discord.
I am hoping for a Thursday night game to start at 7pm Pacific standard time (-8 UTC) and will end at 10pm. (3 hours of play)
Looking for 2-4 players able to commit to weekly (or bimonthly if players prefer) game.
Please shoot me a DM if interested in joining!

A bit about me. i am 48 years old, and work full time as an RN. I have been playing DnD since the red box. DMing a LOOONG time. Dm’d for all my kids and the oldest is now 26 and plays weekly in her own group…so yeah, been doing this a while. =)
Any way, shoot me a DM if interested in the game.


still have space for 1-2 more players!