EZD6, is it good?


Any thoughts out there on EZD6? Is it any good? Is it too rules lite? Can you really use it for a long-term ongoing campaign? How do attribute checks work in the game if there are no attributes? Is it easy to create new classes/professions for it?


In a word, yes. It’s good.

The level of abstraction in the game is very high, even compared to ICRPG, but it gains a great deal of intuitiveness for it. There is still enough mechanical connectivity to keep experienced players engaged, and you can certainly run a campaign with it if you’re on board with the idea of improvising your own character progression, since mechanical advancement is not an explicit focus of the core rules. Character generation options are sufficiently broad to cover most basic fantasy tropes, and the system of aspects and inclinations provides the necessary individuation. The central dice mechanic trinity of boons, banes, and karma is straightforward and provides a consistent “feel good” vibe at the table.

EZD6 delivers exactly what it promises. It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s easy. It uses D6s.


Yes it is good. I am playing a long-term game with it. It is easy to hack and homebrew. I prefer this game for newbs and children. I prefer ICRPG with veteran players.


Super agree! I kept trying to make ICRPG even simpler for my young kids and then EZD6 came along and helped out LOL


Hero Kids is what I used before ICRPG for kids. ICRPG, at times, was a little high level for the kids so I sort of merged them. Now that EZD6 is out I think it will be the perfect happy medium for the kiddo’s AND will help me get ideas for the adults later on.


I love EZD6. The characters pop; the mechanics sing, and it’s super easy to prep and get to the table. I want to play a lot more of it in 2023.


I haven’t played much EZD6, but I’ve been hugely inspired by it. I’ve moved a lot of ideas from EZD6 into my ICRPG games. If I had any more time to devote to RPGs, EZD6 would definitely be one I’d dig into.

I think it would be pretty simple to run an ongoing campaign, as long as your players don’t mind “finding” their new abilities along the way. I’ve found that character progression happens in my ICRPG games nearly every session, as players try new things that create more options for their characters.

As I understand it, attribute checks are handled by rolling a d6 against a target of 1-6 set by the Rabble Rouser. If an aspect or inclination grant you a boon related to the roll, roll 2d6 and use the higher.

As for new classes and professions, it probably depends on what you want to create, but they’re simple enough that I bet you could hack one together or combine a couple of existing ones very easily. A key idea behind the EZD6 classes is that your character is good at the things their class is supposed to do. A fighter, for instance, is good at using ALL weapons.

I love ICRPG, but I think I’m getting dangerously close to playing EZD6 with ICRPG dice :laughing:


We started using it for a self made Dark Souls-esque HexCrawl mini Campaign. We had one session so far and everybody is loving the ease / flow of the game system. Not to lite in my opinion. I guess I made the choices hard enough xD

So far I can really recommend it.


Has anyone played the TinyD6 games? I use that for my “starter rules” for my 4 year old. My older kids prefer ICRPG but like the simplicity and progression of TinyD6. EZD6 with a simple D6-based TN seems to work well too though. Not sure what’s I’ve seen is enough to entice me over as my go to beginner RPG but sounds like there are some good concepts here.

What I like about ICRPG is the Loot. And with TinyD6 I sometimes find it hard to create gear that is interesting mechanically. Maybe EZD6 has some ideas.


I haven’t played them, but I’ve heard good things. If you and your kids have a ruleset you’re all comfortable with it’s gonna be hard to beat that. I think to me the thing that gets me about EZD6 is how much the game is on the players side. What I keep hearing is that the rules never get in your way, as a Pusher & Shover or as a Rabble Rouser. Then with mechanics like getting a Karma point for failed rolls, it really seems like the whole game was designed to prioritize fun around the table

I don’t think there’s really any mechanical Loot in EZD6. I could be wrong there, I don’t know the book all that well, but I think the Loot consists of a description of the item, and faith that the players will figure out how to make use of it creatively.


I take it back, there are some magick items in there that could be inspiring, and I also see two d20 tables of magick item properties so you can create your own treasures.


Recently I was at a party with some of my wife’s work friends. Someone said, “hey, I hear you run games? Could we play one right now?”

So I grabbed some computer paper, stole the dice from Yahtzee and ran a 2 hr one-shot using EZD6 rules.

Character sheets just had 2 lists labeled “Stuff I’m good at” (Boons) and “Stuff I own”

I then ran them through a gauntlet of zipline-ing goblins, saved some villagers then a boss fight with a giant spider based on Hanks “egg hunt” encounter.

Had a great time! (Got to say things like “pupae hole” & “cloaca” without it being socially awkward! Lol)

The EZD6 system works great and is lots of fun. The main mechanics of Boons & Banes, Exploding Crits & Karma are super easy for new players to pick up and go.

Exploding Crits & Karma created so many badass moments for the PC’s. I’m not sure the right word, but the ‘Table Feel’ of this system is amazing! Try it out!!!


i have the fantasy, scifi, pirate and mecha tiny d6 games and theyre awesome. i personally prefer it over ezd6.

one of the reasons is the moment the dice stop rolling you know instantly if you succeeded and there is no “do i spend karma to boost this roll or do i fail” after the roll.
its a small thing but i just prefer tiny d6. plus i love how the games are all compatible.

it would also be easy to bring over target numbers and armour saves into tiny d6 from ezd6 if you like those.

ezd6 is very cool, but its not far enough from tinyd6 for me to bother jumping over completely.


Ok that’s actually really helpful feedback. If there are any concepts to “steal” from EZD6 then I can justify buying it to support him. The Karma system sounds a lot like the Grit system from TinyGunslingers.

Honestly the biggest issues I have (not truly an issue) with TinyD6 is how to make failure more interesting (an issue with any binary test system) and how to deal with Armor. Here js how I’ve spiced up TinyD6 to make it feel more like ICRPG which I still find superior but my 4 year old plays TinyD6 and I love to include him and encourage his creativity and critical thinking.

  1. I use a TIMER die
  2. I grant a free Focus (4-6) when Fail (ref. EASY)
  3. I still use the ICRPG Loot tables but tone down the bonuses.
  4. I have Light Weapons do 1 dmg and Heavy do 2 damage but take entire turn or roll at Disasvantage but haven’t quite figured that out yet.
  5. Armor is just extra HP but does require a Trait to use.

I’m currently working on a summary of TinyD6 when using some ICRPG concept. I’ll likely post it this week for some feedback.

Thanks again for the feedback.


I own ICRPG Master Edition. I’m wondering if I’d like EZ D6 as much as ICRPG.


Steal the magic resolution system from EZD6; it would work well for any system.